TSA at RIC honors the 9-11 first responders

In observance of the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks the Transportation Security Administration at RIC and spoke cities launched the “9-11 Memorial Stair Climb” to honor the first responders who answered the call that terrible day.  TSA employees and their families were invited to climb 110 flights of stairs, the same number of flights that existed in the buildings of the World Trade Center Twin Towers.  The Stair Climb challenge gave employees the opportunity to think of the bravery and sacrifice that so many members of the New York Fire and Police departments exhibited on 9-11.  Not long after the 9-11 attacks the United States Congress authorized and created the Transportation Security Administration as part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.

We’d like to recognize our friends at the TSA for their solemn remembrance of those heroes who responded to save lives and help people on 9-11-2001.

Images from the TSA Memorial Stair Climb that took place in the RIC parking garage stair towers: