RIC, Delta Airlines and American Red Cross partner to save lives…

RIC, Delta Airlines and the American Red Cross partnered once again for an airport blood drive on July 20th.  Donating blood can help save lives!  Thanks to those who donated and we urge those of you who may be considering it to sign up for the next blood drive in October.

Update from Sherry Driskill from the American Red Cross:

Thank you so much for all of your help with the blood drive yesterday at RIC!  It went well, we registered 40 people and collected 30 whole blood and 1 power red.  The goal was 31 units and we collected 32!

If you have any feedback please let me know!  Your support especially during this time of great need is greatly appreciated.  Claudia and Susan you were both awesome recruiting yesterday too!  Samantha thank you for the barcode at the desk too!  Team work makes the dream work!!   We helped save up to 96 lives yesterday.  Whoohoo!!!

I look forward to the drive on Oct. 14. PLEASE SAVE THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDARS!

Below you’ll find pictures of Buddy the Blood Drop making the rounds at RIC…