Access control changes at RIC… transition to proximity ID card readers

Hand using security key card scanning open the door to entering private building with lock icon technology. Home and building security system

RIC Airport Security Coordinator Hollie Baron’s update on access control system upgrades:

Great progress is being made with the access control system upgrade.  At present, we are near completion of exchanging the card readers for all of the airfield gates.  Gates W22 and 60 are the only two that still need to be exchanged.

Beginning next week, you will notice the existing badge readers being exchanged for new in the terminal area and both concourses.  For those of you who have not yet been down to exchange your badge for the new dual-technology card, you will want to do so as soon as possible.  Once the readers are changed your current badge will no longer work.

While the new readers look different they will function in a similar manner.  Rather than swiping your badge through a slot you will hold it up to the reader until you hear a “beep.”  If the reader has a PIN pad you will need to enter your PIN before the portal will open.  Below you’ll find examples of what you should and should not do:

Link here for a printable flyer!