RIC Building Services adds new tool to sanitize Terminal

The Building Services team at RIC have added a new tool to aid their efforts to keep the Terminal Building clean and sanitized.  The machine uses electrostatic technology to disinfect surfaces and kill 99.9% of bacteria in just a few minutes.  According to Building Services Manager Paul Barksdale, most areas of the Terminal Building can be sanitized in a single day.  The system uses relatively little chemical and facilitates the efficient application of the solution.  The  spray is combined with air and atomized.  The subsequent mist is applied to hard surfaces and contains positively charged particles that adhere to surfaces where bacteria may be present.  This method of sanitizing has been shown to very effectively in preventing the spread of viruses.  The Building Services team have identified target areas to apply the sanitizing agent that includes passenger seating areas, and high-touch points.  A schedule to apply the chemical has also been developed and the new system has been deployed.